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Complete Guide to Buying Golf Clubs in Singapore

Are you looking to buy golf clubs in Singapore? Whether you’re a golfing novice, or a seasoned player seeking to upgrade your golfing equipment, this post offers a multitude of options for you. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the many locations – both online and in-person – where golf clubs are available for purchase in Singapore. Each location offers a distinct range of products and services, empowering you to make the best choice for your golfing needs.

For your convenience, I have compiled a table listing various sources for purchasing golf clubs. Here are the foremost options for acquiring golf clubs in Singapore:

  1. Far East Shopping Centre
  2. Retailers outside of Far East Shopping Centre
  3. Online Marketplaces (Carousell)
  4. Dedicated Golfing Websites

Far East Shopping Center

Undoubtedly, the most renowned offline destination for golfers in Singapore is the Far East Shopping Centre. Nestled within Singapore’s iconic shopping district, this centrally located mall boasts a strategic position that is hard to miss.

The Far East Shopping Centre caters to all your golfing needs, providing an expansive variety of equipment. From golf attire and brand-new golf clubs to pre-owned options and essential golf parts like shafts and grips, the mall offers a comprehensive range of products. Whether you are looking to buy new equipment or upgrade your current set, this location is a must-visit.

Housing over ten specialised golf-related stores, the building is a golf enthusiast’s paradise. Here’s a curated list of shops within the mall, complemented by insightful reviews to help you when you buy golf clubs.

Shop Name/Unit Number/PhoneMain Shop OfferingsReview
1. Golf Simply Pte Ltd (#02-08, +65 6836 5867)Offers used and brand-new golf clubs, golf accessories, regrip and reshaft servicesGreat prices but selection may be limited to older golf club models
2. Fit39 Glove Asia (#02-08, +65 6235 6200)Fit39 golf gloves, golf accessories such as golf covers and golf putting mat, and golf apparelKnown for stocking Fit39, one of the best golf gloves in the market
3. MST Golf (#02-10, +65 6737 4793)Stocks brand new, latest model golf clubs from brands like Taylormade and Cobra, and golf apparelWide selection of new golf clubs but prices might not be the most competitive
4. Vinc Golf (#02-11/32, +65 6733 8588)Specializes in Titleist golf products, including golf clubs and Footjoy golf shoes, along with Titleist golf caps and apparelsMostly offers brand-new Titleist products
5. Golf Partner (#02-12, +65 6732 4239)Imports Japanese used golf clubs and deals in buy/sell used golf clubsOffers a wide range of Japanese golf clubs, although some brands might not be popular in the Singapore market
6. Transview Golf (#02-25/26, +65 6732 6861)Sells Callaway, XXIO and select Japanese brand new golf clubs and golf apparelsOffers a limited selection of golf brands and prices might not be the best in the market
7. Greenfield Golf (#02-27, +65 6732 4142)Buy/sell/consign used golf clubs and regrip and reshaft servicesAffordable used golf clubs though the selection might be limited
8. Golf & Leisure (#02-18/19/20, +65 6884 9575)Stocks brand-new Taylormade and Titleist golf clubs, Adidas and Footjoy golf apparels and shoesRelatively competitive prices for new golf clubs, but the brand range is limited
9. Golf Fitter (#02-22, +65 9109 1381)Offers golf club repair and fitting, regripping services and a limited range of used golf clubsWide range of golf grips and shafts to choose from, and provides club modification services
10. Vin Golf (#02-02, +65 6635 6944)Provides golf club repair and fitting, regripping services, and stocks Diamana, Tour Ad, Fujikura golf shaftsExtensive range of golf grips and shafts, and club modification services offered
11. Ping Golf (#02-23, +65 6235 4300)Ping golf concept shop by authorised distributorBetter prices for Ping items can be found from parallel importers
12. Ozia Golf (#02-04, +65 9730 2468)Buy/sell used golf clubs, new golf clubs from various brands, golf grip and shaft fitting, repair and modificationOffers competitive prices and a wide selection of new and used golf clubs
13. Pan-west (#02-06/07, +65 6733 4331)Stocks brand-new golf clubs from brands like Taylormade and Cleveland, golf apparels and shoesPrices for their golf clubs may not be the most competitive in the market

Located in Singapore’s central district, the Far East Shopping Centre houses a multitude of golf shops offering a wide array of golfing equipment. This makes it an attractive destination for golf enthusiasts.

The major advantage of shopping here is the highly competitive pricing. In some shops, the prices can be negotiated, while in others, the rates are set reasonably due to the stiff competition among the local golf retailers. Another notable benefit is the extensive variety of golf products available. From major brands to a vast selection of golfing items – including shoes, apparel, and accessories – you’re sure to find almost anything you might need for your golfing pursuits.

However, despite these perks, it’s important to consider some of the limitations as well. One notable drawback is the absence of testing bays in these shops. Consequently, you cannot try out golf clubs before deciding to buy them. In addition, although the prices are competitive, they may not always be the cheapest in Singapore, possibly due to the high rental costs on Orchard Road.

A pro tip for your shopping experience at Far East Shopping Centre is not to rush. Take your time exploring the diverse golf shops within the building before making your decision. Don’t hesitate to negotiate for a better deal where possible, although bear in mind that not all shops allow this. With careful comparison and bargaining, you might land the best deal for your golf gear.

Shops Outside of Far East

While the Far East Shopping Centre serves as the primary destination for golf equipment, it’s certainly not the only one. Notable alternatives include Isetan in Shaw Tower and the fourth level of Takashimaya. Both of these locations offer brand-new golf clubs, among other equipment.

However, it’s worth noting that their prices might be a tad higher than those at Far East Shopping Centre. This discrepancy could be attributed to the more formal shopping environment of Isetan and Takashimaya compared to the somewhat more informal atmosphere at Far East Shopping Centre.

One of the unique appeals of Far East Shopping Centre is the room for price negotiation in self-owned businesses, giving it a distinctive edge. Consequently, while exploring options outside Far East Shopping Centre can provide a broader perspective, consider the potential cost difference and negotiation opportunities.

Online Marketplaces (Carousell)

Recently, online platforms such as Carousell have surged in popularity among Singapore’s golfing community as a platform for buying and selling golf equipment. A distinguishing feature of Carousell is its peer-to-peer selling model, enabling golfers to sell their gear directly, circumventing the need for a third-party golf shop.

The most immediate advantage of this approach is the potential for lower prices due to the absence of retail markups. However, the pricing may not always reflect the marketplace standards. Some sellers may list their items at a higher cost than what you might find at brick-and-mortar shops like those in the Far East Shopping Centre.

Furthermore, shopping online does come with its inherent limitations. The tactile aspect of shopping, such as seeing and ‘feeling’ the golf club – crucial to many golfers – isn’t possible. This lack of physical interaction is a trade-off to consider when opting to buy from online marketplaces.

We recommend using platforms like Carousell only if you have a clear idea of the specific golf equipment you want to buy, and if you have prior experience trading golf items online. With the proliferation of counterfeit golf equipment in the online marketplace, it’s advisable to exercise caution. For high-value golf gear, it’s recommended to refrain from making purchases on platforms like Carousell. Prioritise safety and authenticity by choosing verified retailers or trusted sellers.

Online Website (99golf.sg)

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Singapore offers a wealth of shopping opportunities for golf clubs, making the selection process an exciting and engaging experience. However, given the high value of golf clubs, it’s important to remain vigilant against potential scams. Be sure to remember the tips and tricks shared here to avoid falling prey to overpriced items or scams. Happy shopping!

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