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99Golf was started in 2022 as a online used golf club retailer in Singapore. Our mission is to sell quality and 100% authentic used golf clubs at the best price for Singapore golfers. To achieve that, we reduce our cost of operations by selling our golf clubs fully online.

All our golf clubs are bought from local customers or imported. We check every golf clubs to make sure that they are 100% authentic. We are confident that our products are original, and as an assurance for our customers, we give double refund should a golf club is found to be not original.

We partner with e-commerce fulfillment company to manage our online orders at low price, so we can pass on our cost savings to you. Self-collection is available for all orders at the e-commerce fulfillment company.

If you would like to speak to us, please contact us at our support page.

99Golf” is a brand wholly owned by Damienone Pte Ltd.