Find Where To Sell Used Golf Clubs in Singapore?

New golf clubs models come out very frequently, and golfers like you often have old second hand golf clubs lying at home. Why not sell you second hand used golf equipment? Your used golf clubs may be a precious gem to others!

You can sell your golf clubs on on-line marketplace platform! Fortunately, there are many such platforms out there in the market. Otherwise, you can sell your used golf clubs to second hand golf shops in Far East Shopping Centre!

where to sell used golf clubs

This blog post gives you a complete guide as to where and how you can sell your pre-owned golf clubs in Singapore.

Sell Used Golf Clubs On-line

As mentioned, there are many on-line marketplace for you to buy and sell your golf clubs. Some all-in-one marketplaces, such as Carousell and GumTree are very popular among Singaporeans.

99Golf.SG is a dedicated on-line classified golf on-line marketplace where golfers can upload their used golf clubs on-line. What’s so special about 99Golf.SG is that the platform is fully and completely designed for users to sell their pre-owned golf clubs.

selling used golf equipment singapore

This means that there are specially designed fields and filters for users to choose the best second hand golf clubs.

Sell Pre-Owned Golf Clubs To Golf Shops

There are specialised golf shops located at Far East Shopping Centre that trade used golf equipment.

One advantage of selling your used golf equipment to second hand golf shops is that you can get rid of your old golf sets fast. This is particularly important because the price of golf clubs usually goes down rather quickly, when new golf models are released.

Also, you can save the trouble to meeting up with sellers that you arranged on-line! However, the shop owner will take a small cut from your golf clubs.


There are plenty of avenue for you to clear your store room. On-line golf marketplace is increasingly popular among golfers in Singapore. But if you hate the trouble of meeting up, then you may prefer selling directly to second hand shops.

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