PREMIUM ATTAS Orange ISA1000 [95S] (S Flex) 3 Hybrid Shaft

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Price Negotiable for a quick deal. Selling at the cheapest and lowest price in all of SG.🔥

NOT a cheap Stock Shaft. Premium Aftermarket Shaft direct from Japan 🇯🇵

🔥PRICE IS FOR EVERYTHING. PREMIUM AFTERMARKET JDM ATTAS Orange International Series – ISA1000 HY350 [95S] (Stiff Flex) 3 Hybrid Shaft + Taylormade Hybrid Adapter attached + Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip Attached

MSRP of the shaft = USD200 = SGD 280 + (before shipping and tariffs) (before cost of the grip and Adapter)

Mint/ Excellent Conditon. Selling at a Low price for a quick deal 👍🏻

100% Authentic. NOT some cheap fake from 2nd Hand shops or from China. This is the real deal. Crafted and Made in Japan 🇯🇵

Rare and Hard to Find. This shaft was only originally intended for the Japanese Market Only 🇯🇵

🔥 Buy with Confidence. 100% Genuine. Moneyback Guaranteed.

Very stable shaft. Helped dial in my shots and help narrow my dispersion and increase my accuracy.

🔥SPECS for the ATTASOrange International Series – ISA1000 HY350 95S Graphite Hybrid Shaft:

– Flex: Stiff (S) Flex
– Shaft Weight: 97g
– Torque: 1.8
– Launch: Mid/High

Shaft is of standard 3 Hybrid length and has NOT been tipped. STANDARD LENGTH FOR a 3 Hybrid

Raw length of 40 inches from the Grip to the Tip of the adapter. Total length of 40.5 inches when attached to the Hybrid Head

Comes attached to a Taylormade Adapter. Able to Change the loft, lie and open/close your Hybrid face 👍🏻

Compatible with the following Models:

RBZ/ RBZ Stage 2/ R15 / M1/ M3/ GAPR Hybrids

Comes attached to a Taylormade Golf Pride Standard Z-Grip.

Golf Pride Taylormade Tour Velvet 360 Grip


ATTAS International Series Hybrids

For the player seeking a mid to high launch, penetrating down range ball flight.

Precise carbon fiber orientation uses proprietary computer software that allowed engineers to precisely position high modulus prepreg throughout the three critical sections – butt, mid, and tip – to achieve superior performance and feel. AXIV® material positioned in the butt section reduces ovaling for better stability and solid feel in the hands.Constant taper design offers players a precise feel of more energy transfer to the ball for instant player feedback with greater distance. Low resin content increases number of ultra-thin carbon fibers within the prepreg plies to improve feel and allow the shaft to maintain its shape and recover more consistently for tighter shot dispersion. Tighter tolerances ensure product consistency during manufacturing process. UST Mamiya has a reputation for producing some of the most consistent performing shafts in golf.

– Tight maufacturing tolerances ensure consistent performance. Precise carbon fiber orientation uses proprietary computer software to precisely position high modulus prepreg throughout the shaft. Constant taper design offers players precise feel of more energy transfer to the ball for player feedback and greater distance.

– Engineered with smooth-bending properties throughout the shaft’s constant taper design, more energy is transferred to the ball for instant feedback, unparalleled feel and greater distance and accuracy. Ultra-thin carbon fibers optimize feel and allow the shaft to maintain its shape for consistent, accurate shots. ATTAS is distinguished by its tri-color look, notably its atomic orange.

– Likened to the precision of automaker Lexus, all UST Mamiya shafts are unrivaled in quality and performance attributed to world-class design engineering, premium-selected raw materials and precise handcrafted, repeatable production techniques. Tight tolerances, coupled with proprietary design principles and low-resin carbon-fiber materials enhance feel during the golf swing.

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