Mizuno JPX919 TOUR (5-P) FORGED

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Price Negotiable for a quick deal. Selling at the cheapest and lowest price in all of SG.

Pls Read the description:

One of the most popular irons of 2019/2020 πŸ”₯

VIEWING can be arranged by appointment πŸ‘πŸ»

Famous Forged Irons used by Brooks Kopeka to win Multiple Tour Championships on tour

In Very Good Condition. Comes withs set of Premium Aftermarket True Temper XP 95 S300 Shaft. Stiff Flex. 95g.

Grain Flow Forged set of irons. Sublime feel like Butter. Excellent feel and shot shaping ability. Very stable and consistent set of irons.

100% genuine as usual. Not some cheap fake from China. The real deal. See the serial number stamped on the hosel.

RRP €1225 = over $2000 in the stock shaft. Selling cheap here πŸ‘πŸ»

Custom ordered from Mizuno in the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

*Standard Loft. Length is slightly longer by 0.5 inches compared to the stock length. Lie is 2 deg Upright. But lie can be easily adjusted at any pro shop to your desired lie angle at any pro shop at a nominal fee.

Comes with a set of recently fitted MultiCompound Golf Pride Grips (Costing $120+ to regrip)


* Mizuno JPX 919 Tour irons are a more compact, streamlined evolution of their standout Tour iron.
* These clubs are forged from 1025 carbon steel for the best feel around, made with the Grain Flow Forged HD process for proper feedback.
* The new Stability Frame design is open in the heel portion to fine-tune sound and vibration while enhancing stability and launch.
* Tour feedback led to a narrowed top edge for a sleeker, thinner look at address, balanced out with a slightly wider sole for easier-launching long iron.
* Chrome plating with a new, more durable pearl brush finish lasts longer and looks softer in the sun.
* JPX 919 Tour irons are ideal for golfers who want maximum control and workability in an elite shot makers profile.

* Grain Flow Forged HD construction
* Stability Frame design
* Elite shot makers profile
* Tour grind top edge
* Pearl brush finish
* Custom shaft and grip options at no up-charge

1. Grain Flow Forged HD Construction
Mizuno JPX 919 Tour irons are forged from a single billet of 1025 pure mild carbon steel for that unmistakable feel Mizuno is known for. The Grain Flow Forged HD process (used for the first time in the JPX line) compacts more grain into the impact area to produce even more feedback.

2. Stability Frame Design
The new Stability Frame design takes weight out of the heel and pushes it out lower in the toe area to reinforce vibration at the proper frequency for maximum feedback. This also moves the sweet spot closer to the center of the face and brings the center of gravity deeper for improved launch.

3. Elite Shot Makers Profile
JPX 919 Tour irons have a compact, lean look down by the ball that satisfies the eye of golfers who want control, workability, and confidence that they can make that shot.

4. Pearl Brush Finish
Mizuno’s JPX 919 family of irons all feature a unique pearl brush finish that is even more durable and looks softer out in the sunlight.

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