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We dealt with Alwin Liang from this company for fulfillment services for our business. At the very start, we have discussed on the pricing of the services, and out of goodwill, I offered to pay him above market rate. However, when bill comes, I was charged on random things which we have not agreed upon, such as delivery labels ($0.50 for each label, can you believe that?).

Because of this, we told him to remove this ridiculous charge, which he did not do so. I decided to terminate our contract which he agreed. When I collected back all my stock, he charged me fulfillment cost, as though the items are sold to customers, even though in our contract, it clearly says that fulfillment cost are charged for business to consumer transaction only.

Now, Alwin is holding on to my deposit, saying that we cannot terminate, even though he agreed to and send me a termination letter to confirm our termination. He will only release the deposit, only if we accept the overcharged services. He does not want to return the deposit, and even overcharge his services with my deposit.

For your own sake, find somebody else to work with. Alwin is a scheming person and will find all ways and reasons to scam your money. Everyday, I have been receiving new emails with different excuses to hold on to my deposit and overcharge services. Just look at the screenshots and judge.

I have made a police report on this company.